looking for programmers to script me a theme for Multi vendor Ecommerce site

Am looking for a programmers who can develope me a script for user friendly Multi-vendor Easy costumizable theme .

Am totally new to this page and am clueless hoping some one could guide me to bring my ideas into this project.

thanks in advance…

Are you looking for a WooCommerce Theme?

Im not sure which theme would match my ideas in multivendor but im looking for something which is easy costumizable and user friendly not much complicated stuffs

For multi vendor functionality, you need a plugin. In WordPress, theme handles the look and feel of the website whereas plugins take care of functionality.

If you need more help choosing right theme and plugin, you can add me on Skype (crelegant). I will guide you in right direction.

Hi do you try this Multi-vendor Script if you need support with installation can you contact me. Ok

You can contact us for custom plugin development according to your need. Our email address is sugotech@gmail.com Thanks a lot

Check our portfolio for a multi vendor ready theme :slight_smile:

your skype id ???

your skype id to contact ???