Looking for product mock-ups for e-liquid/e-juice bottles


The ‘e-liquid’ or ‘e-juice’ that is sold for personal electronic vaporizers or ‘e-cigs’ come in a pretty standard range of both plastic and glass bottles. I am looking for someone that can help produce a mock-up template from these bottles so that I can place a label on various bottles for mock-ups.

The glass bottles look like this:


There are a similar selection of plastic bottles as well. I know if someone were to undertake this project and sell it on GraphicRiver, there are quite a few people who would be interested, as would I.

Curious as to what the time investment and cost would be to get this done.


Hi, I can make these mock-ups for you, (done something similar for someone in the past, except they needed the color of the bottle to be easily changeable as well as the label)…

Send me an e-mail via the little e-mail form on my profile page, and I will reply with notes on price and time-frame for a custom project like this.

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