Looking for product management system for educational products

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a product management system for educational products. There are many school management systems, but none of them really includes product management.
By product management I mean capturing curriculum plans (learning objectives, topics, daily schedule, lessons, price, level classification, implementation options, etc.), market analysis, competitor analysis, teaching materials, etc. for each training program.
In other words, an information system for employees who can choose an educational product and see the above mentioned information at a glance.
In addition to product information, information about implementation locations and possible instructors would also be interesting.
Can anyone tell me if there is anything like this available?
Thank you!

I don’t think you’d be able to find a theme with “out-of-box” solution as you’re asking multiple things ( several features ) on a pretty big website. You could find at some point some basic themes but still you’d need to get lots of modifications done.