Looking for Private booking system/script ?

Hi All, I have been looking for around 12 hours straight and know feel like shooting myself! any help would be greatly appreciated!

So I need a Private Calendar where added users (Myself and Partner) Can login to a calendar.

The concept if for us to take a phone inquiry, Check calendar time slots on that day, Book customer in,

Ideally it would have a dashboard that tells us how many bookings we have and when the next bookings are.

And the option to have some tick boxs for deposit paid and due… But this is not the end of the world.

Also if it would be possible to to generate a pay pal invoice to send the customer would be perfect.

This only needs to be a back end script as customers will not view it!

The closest i have found is https://gzscripts.com/time-slot-booking-calendar-php.html

Thanks in advance!!!

I’m pretty sure one of these would be enough for you. Still, if you need some modifications, let me know. I’m available for freelancer works