Looking for Portfolio Theme free file nominations for a new email campaign!

We are seeking submissions for free files used for a special email promotion. One nominated item will be chosen entirely at random, to be used in an email sent out in the next few weeks.

This time we’re specifically looking for a Portfolio Theme.

What’s the process?

In this thread, post a message with a link to your ThemeForest item (you must be logged in as the author of the item) and we’ll add it to our shortlist.

From the shortlist, we’ll select a file at random for use in an upcoming Envato Market email campaign. This provides excellent item and author exposure.

Criteria for selection

In order for a file to be added to our shortlist to be chosen, the file must meet the following criteria:

You’re the author of the file you’re submitting
The file is rated 4 stars or higher
The file falls into the category of a Portfolio Theme.
Your submission is in before 5pm, Wednesday 16 January Australian Eastern Standard Time

What if I want to withdraw my submission?
If you submit a file and change your mind, simply flag your submission comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

Any questions just post them below!

PS- Submissions close 5pm AEDT Wednesday 25 January.

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Please use it:


This is my Portfolio theme:

Good Morning.
My Portfolio theme:

This is my portfolio theme, please use it:

My portfolio here:

My Portfolio theme:

The first time I want to provide the projects :slight_smile:

I nominate Rhythm - Multipurpose Muse template

Stephens - Muse tempate

and Fekra Multipurpose Muse template

This is my portfolio theme

The file is rated 4 stars or higher
The file falls into the category of a Portfolio Theme.

@timothemes @Beautheme @7-Up @NinjaTeam
You misunderstood the word “Portfolio theme”.
This means you will need to nominate one of the theme on the niche category “Portfolio” (where the creatives show their works).
This doesn’t mean to nominate a theme in your portfolio.
And if you want to nominate, your item must meet above creteria and unfortunately you have to call the nominee out yourself, not just send your portfolio.
And remember this is a calling for a theme, NO template or else.

Yah thank @swlabs
I want to provide the projects for FilmMaker portfolio and Movie Production, Creative Agency

Nextop Model Artist Talent Agency - Photographer - Gallery - Creative Elegant

This is my Portfolio theme

Here is our portfolio theme:

I nominate Newton


I nominate Venus

Hey Folks,

Thanks everyone for nominating their items for this campaign. This time the item randomly drawn was @ThemeMove’s Zebre theme.

There will be plenty more opportunities for promotions on the way, so stay tuned.

  • Matt