Looking for Portfolio Template like "Folio Two"


Hi guys, Im looking for a Portfolio Template like that:

I really like this template and I would have bought it, but the sidebar isn’t working right on all browsers and most important, it isn’t optimized for tablets and mobile phones…

So is there a similar template but with working sidebar (maybe just fix) and optimized for all devices like? I searched the envato market but didn’t find some template like that…


One of the all-time best items ever on the marketplaces http://wowway-demo.krownthemes.com/ by @KrownThemes


thanks for the suggestion I saved it in my favs to determ later if it fits the best for my project beside the other templates I found… more suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


I’m working on a creative theme for WordPress and I will upload it few days. You can follow my account


(keeping in the sidebar style you linked originally) you cannot go wrong with, and they don’t come much better than any item from @tommusrhodus portfolio, for example, this, or this.


thanks, I followed and saved your account in my favs beside the other suggestions.