Looking for plugins for a free membership site

I’m building a free directory of specific travel baseball teams. A place where players can search and contact teams in their area, and where coaches can list their teams in order to connect with new players.

There are going to be 2 types of users with separate registrations:

  1. Teams, added by coaches
  2. Players (whose profiles should be able to be hidden if they desire more privacy - I already have a plugin for this, I believe).

Maybe BuddyPress along with other plugins?

I’d really like to be able to connect players too. Let’s say the Red Sox are listed, I’d like it so that any players associated with that Team will be listed under that team, and/or linked.

Social registration would be helpful too.

Recommendation for plugins? I don’t want the users dealing with the backend, so frontend registration is a must.

Honestly, I’m a little lost searching the plugins on CodeCanyon. I’m not sure which ones I’d need.

I appreciate any help I might get! Thanks!

I doubt you need buddypress unless you want to go as far as to turning it into a sort of social network for people?

One thing you need to consider is the front end of the site too i.e. What happens there? What’s the functionality? What features and so on.

The reason for this is because the sign up process you outline above is not especially complex for most decent membership plugins (you would still want to ask the author of any item you plan to buy to double check the capabilities) BUT how that data is then stored, transferred or used elsewhere in the site may be considerably more complicated.

It’s all doable but I doubt you would find an out of the box perfect solution that doesn’t require a degree of customisation.

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Excellent questions!

I thought BP might help with connecting players to Teams. I was wondering about using “groups” as “teams”.

Users choose whether they want to register as a player or register a team. There will be a forum. I’ve already installed bppress.

There are so many membership plugins. Honestly, I don’t know which one would work.

That’s actually quite a clever idea but (while I am not overly familiar with BP) that it would work quite like that. More likely you would need to make groups for all he teams then have individuals sign up independently and then join groups etc.

In terms of the multitude of membership plugins, in our experience, this would be the strongesthttp://preview.codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-membership-pro-wordpress-plugin/full_screen_preview/12159253. Tha said even a plugin with that level of flexibility would need more customisation to do what you want.

One thing we would say is that you must be clear on what you are trying to achieve as it feels like actually what you need is quite simple but which has a few very distinct and important features i.e. the sign-up processes and sorting members. Beyond that do you really need the other functionality of WP e.g. blogging etc.?

Becuase of the WP update frequency etc. and the potential scale of data (this is another major consideration when it comes to security and hosting too) your site could end up encompassing, then relying on a third party developer to maintain their site or plugin is a risky business. If all you need is that more simple functionality then I would consider looking on www.studio.envato.com for a freelancer to create a bespoke product. It will be a bit more expensive initially but once you start buying plugins, paying to customise those etc. I imagine you will find that it ends up not being hugely different for a hack job (no disprect to the epic membership plugin listed above) .v. a custom solution

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I actually design and build sites. This is a bit different than what I’m accustomed to. I normally deal with financial services and haven’t really ever done anything with members.

I checked out that plugin you suggested. That might very well be the piece I’ve been looking for.

I greatly appreciate your time!

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Talk to the author of that plugin - they are good guys and will be able to advise better than anyone the right solutions