Looking for plugin

I need help finding a plugin.

So i need a plugin that has a booking wizard for booking a foodtruck.

The concept is that you start choosing the number of people attending some party or event. for example 20 persons. next step is that you choose what food u want for your party. for example burgers, toast, fries, etc.

The problem is, that i am unable to find a plugin that changes the prices relative to the amount of people that the user inputs.

Step 1: Amount of people (20 persons) → Step 2: Choose food (Burger price 10 usd x 20 persons)= shown price to the customer → Step 3: Customer information

Anybody who has stepped over some kind of that plugin that is able to that?

Hi, You can check our plugin: BRW - Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce by ovatheme | CodeCanyon
it is fit your case.

Well, you can also go with other alternatives such as shopify or Wordpress. Secondly I will also suggest you can go with making a booking form for your booking system work.