looking for plugin to change the text in SVG / Vector for logo sale in woocommerce

Good day, I am looking for a plugin which I can use on my site. I would like that my designed vector logos which I embed as a product with watermark in woocommerce with another name can provide. In the logo is the font Text LOGO NAME, I would like the customer can enter his name there and if he likes it with his name, then can also download. as an png. in the best case in 3 different sizes as png in a zip file. I’m looking for days for someone who lann or a plugin.

for the future i have thought of more things that the plugin should be able to do. it should. it would be great if the buyer could still change the colors of the logo. (yes that would be possible with a product designer, but with the font in the logo and its shape and design, this does not work in a previous product designer, there you can only add a new text. )

even further thought it would be great if you could convert the created logo then still as an animation. rotating, jumping, etc. and export as a webm file can. of course for a surcharge which is charged in the store.

I would be really happy if someone has something like that in the backhand, or knows where I get something like that. many love greetings, I look forward to response.

Hey there ~

I hope you are doing well. What you are asking for may not be something which could be a ready made solution at envato so you might hire a professional programmer to achieve it up for you. As a good helping hand i strongly suggest you to please have a go through from envato studio and if somehow you couldn’t fine any suitable programmer then please ping me via email through envato profile