Looking for plugin for Woocommerce, that will add inventory product options below a variable product

This is what I have now, and what I am looking for. It may already exist, and I just have not been able to find it, or maybe its not out there yet.

  1. This is the Variable Product: [http://pm.15656.com/shop/pm-25mv-2/] I like the variable product to display the main machine options just as shown. And in the part where it shows the price from $1499-$2098, thats perfect. But I need to add options below to that, just like I have them here:[ http://pm.15656.com/shop/pm-25mv-milling-machine/] So if I could do a combination of that, the variable product for the main product, with the options like they are in the second link, that would be it.

I also tried it here, with the Product Bundle, but when you select a machine option, the picture does not change like it does in the variable product. And also, the options below are much larger, and you cant click on them to get more details, all you can do is click the picture.

Its like I am so close, and maybe just missing something simple, but if anyone knows how to fix this, I would really appreciate it! Its not a cost thing, I dont mind paying for a plug in, or for help, or whatever it takes to be perfect, but I have been searching for weeks, and just can not find anything that will do what I want.


As I understand you , you want when buyer enter some number on check box that is automatically show image of that product?

Is that correct?

Hi There, no, that is not it. I want to have a main product on the top of the page. And this product would be a variable product, so when you choose the main products, the picture changes, just like a variable product.

But, I also want related accessories for that main product listed below the main product. With the ability to click on the accessory description, to go to that accessories page so people can see details on it. Thats all. And it would be great if they all added up with a total at the bottom of the page before hitting add to cart.

Similar like on this image?

Not really, I know how to do that part. I want it just like a combination of this:

This way for the main product: http://pm.15656.com/shop/pm-25mv-2/

With This way for the accessories: http://pm.15656.com/shop/pm-25mv-milling-machine/

You can choose our theme at https://themeforest.net/item/gecko-powerful-ajax-woocommerce-theme/15863658
And you can set up product group to like you want http://pm.15656.com/shop/pm-25mv-milling-machine/