Looking for personalise the CHAUFFEUR plugin booking date possibilities

The chauffeur theme is working fine for me. Except one thning : some of my customers use my website to book and pay for january the 1st 4:00 am.

Each time they pay I have to deny and to pay them back. And I lose time and money.

I tried to make a reservation on a date for a transfer, and hourly as well, but even with the reservation someone else still can make a new reservation at the same time, even if I told the settings ‘minimum between two bookings : 2 hours’

This is also a problem as my car is already booked for weadings next year (Hourly), and I see that some clever new customers book a single transfer on the same date !!

Is there a way to disable some date and/or hours online bookings ?

Is there a way to surge special dates and times ? I would like to make the prices X5 for january the first…

Thank you very much for reading !