Looking for performance music for CIRCUS PERFORMANCE- please help! :)

Hey people,

My name is Breagh, I am a circus performer from canada (www.breaghfox.com if you want to check my work out for reference)

I am in need of an original music for my hula hoop number. It needs to be
-upbeat, energetic (around 130-140 bpm),
-no vocals (or very minimal),
-interesting (so not just one sound throughout - softer points for applause, buildup, etc)
-between 4:00-5:00 (give or take)

In terms of actual sounds or genre… im not really sure. Electronic? Indie rock? As long as it has the criteria above i dont mind :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any suggestions for me?! Or, if you think you could make a music like this, please let me know!

Thank you :slight_smile:


*edit: this may already be apparent, but im not looking for your traditional ‘circus music’ music. I am a contemporary circus artist. Think more along the lines of art, dance, instead of clowns and animals :wink:

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Maybe some funky?, i found some tracks that you could try.
I love this one, but the bpm is 120.

Or maybe these.

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These are around the right idea, just too short! Thank you so much for the response :slight_smile:

You could ask the owners if they can rearragement for you.

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Hi @breaghfox I have a couple upbeat works :slight_smile:

This with a longer entry:

Hello @breaghfox. Maybe one of these tracks could be the right one for your purposes!? :slight_smile:

Hi, mate! I have some stuff you might be interested in. Thanks


or maybe some modern electronic music like future bass? just heard some of kinda stuff in circus while ago

Just another one I forgot :wink:

Hi there! I think this might work. It has multiple versions, with vocals and instrumental so you can choose or mix both. Before the last chorus it has that buildup part before the culmination that you need. And it has breaks before the chorus so you can easily edit it and make a loop for as long as you want to :slight_smile: Or I can edit it for you exactly the way you want, for free ! :wink: good luck

Or if you don’t mind the vocal samples, this could work for hula hoop

I think this track will be perfect for your gig…
It has a crazy build up, would thump the place down with the 808 basses and will make people hype along with you!

Hope it all goes well with your performance, mate!

Here we go!!! :princess:

Hi! Check this track out!

Hi @breaghfox. Check these out. Arrangements can be made longer if you wish to use one. Thanks!

For an electronic dance track…

For a wild southern country sound…

For a hip, funky sound…