Looking for paid support to upload my work on themeforest.net



I have a landing page template. I just want to be double sure that it gets accepted. I have worked really really hard on this. I have invested a lot of time and money. If anything goes wrong i’ll be in bad shape.

Whenever i ask people, i find many of them saying, they hardly accept, something or the other thing goes wrong.

So i dont want to take chances. I am looking for someone who can see my asset and can check all before i upload.

you can contact me here or at ersaurabh101@gmail.com



To get the best response share a link here


I cannot upload the preview link openly before submitting. That is why i am looking for paid help so i can show what all i am going to upload, i can show my file names, help doc and all.


It’s up to you but you should not be paying people to review it. Once you’ve shared it then no one can rip it off as you have evidence it’s yours

No one can guarantee success in submission and most of the top authors would not do this so you are almost certainly going to be wasting money


I can help you with the template. Contact me skype @ nasir-2525


Like Charlie, I think you just submit item to reviewer team, after you’ve received reviews for your item, come back here and post your matter to get some tips from other authors.