Looking for one page WP templates with SEO service


Some template companies offer one time SEO service once the theme is installed on WP. It comes with few hundred dolar fee. Is there any way how to find such templates on Themeforest? I’m looking for One Page type of template, preferably with a builder included.

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Many themes will be “seo optimised” but bear in mind that search optimisation is about a lot more than just the theme choice incl. content, assets, copywriting, technical tweaks etc.

As Google preferences regular and fresh content, is should be an ongoing process. A one off update will only achieve so much


Hi @charlie4282,
Thanks a lot. I realise that it’s a process, not just one time activity. For content creation I will most likely use Yoast SEO, but I would like the page to have a clean start. Not so long ago I purchased a template that was suppose to be super optimised for SEO, but when I finished with setting it up, it had very low results in benchmarks, even with Yoast all green lights. I can’t seem to find the template I saw way back, that had this additional option for purchase, but I’m quite sure there are more companies that offer it.


You cant except that you buy new domain make site install Yoast and for 2 month be on first page on Google. That is impossible and SEO of site an endless variety of trial and error. If somebody make SEO does not mean it’s good. You have to test and see. Again, modify and test. As I said endless process


With our following script you are able to do so, very easily.
It’s a SEO optimized script. You can visit here:


For tests matters you can access through here:
Frontend: http://ezcode.pt/tests/fly/
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Hi @Zaccc,
I’m no SEO specialist, obviously, but I realise it’s a constant process, and long term process definitely. It just happened to me before, that after installation of template that was suppose to be SEO optimised I get tons of errors to fix showing up in benchmarks. It’s easy if it’s just about the alt in images uploaded, but it’s get too hard for me to fix when it’s something in a code that I cannot find.

What I’m looking for is not a service that will help the page to get to the top results in search engines, but a service that will fix a clean template from benchmark errors so we could at least have a clean start with content.

Sorry, not sure how to explain that better, as you see I’m no specialist. :slight_smile:


Hi @EZCode,
Thanks so much, but I really need something with a builder. Looks promising though. :slight_smile:


Can you provide to me what errors have get? Maybe I can help you. What template are you using? Can you provide a link of site?


Thank you @sara_draven :slight_smile:

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