Looking for "on demand services" theme or script.


I’m looking for an “on demand services” theme or script. It’s kind of like “uber for services”.
I would like to use it for on demand model. For example, models sign up on the platform, they manage their own account. They can post images, videos, and update their profile with height, weight etc. They also decided the service they want to provide, example, photoshoot, acting etc. along with the charges per hour. Then when customer visit the website, they’ll pick a model and make a booking on the platform, choose the date and time and provide the location the customer would like the model to go and lastly pay online, offline cash is optional. As a platform owner, we charge a commission on top of the charges the model ask from the customer.

There should also be a rating system to rate models.

Is there any author have this type of theme or script? It need to be responsive.


I doubt you would find exactly that out of the box but it wouldn’t be impossible to custom develop.

You would be able to find someone on www.studio.envato.com

I can help you on this. Feel free to contact via Studio