Looking for Niche Recruitment template

Hi all,

To keep it simple I’m looking for a job board/recruitment website template for a niche market which needs to have certain features which i’ve not been able to find on any available templates so far:

Job Seekers: When using site

  • Search for jobs
  • Create profile to apply
  • Answer some set questions
  • Complete some tests. These will be online assessments to capture skillsets. They are currently on subjects such as maths/English etc. They will be only available to job seekers and part of the membership.

Ideally all the above would have some visual percentage of completion so users can see what’s next and that they need to complete before being able to apply for jobs.

Employers: When using site

  • Users who can post jobs on the site
  • See applicants for there jobs
  • Search profiles of job seekers with completed profiles, tests results, answers to questions etc.

I appreciate a pre-existing template may not exist so would be open to discussing options with freelance designer. Or if something exists which hits some of the brief in particular the job seeker elements it would be appreciated.