Looking for Music Cloud PHP Script


Hi Guys,

i search for a simple “Music Cloud PHP Script” but I have found nothing useful on CodeCanyon.
Either were the Script to Big or were long time not updated.

What I’m looking for:

A simple PHP Music CLoud/Library Script for my private music collection.

Which requirements are important to me:

  • responsive design
  • HTML5 PLayer (Mobile Support)
  • Admin Account (to Upload .mp3 Files)
  • Set Track Name
  • Set Track Cover
  • Set Track to Private or Public Playlist (Public e.g http://mydomian.tld/subfolder/playlist/public/)
  • Set Track available to Download

What is not needed:

  • User registration

Maybe I have it also overlooked simply on CodeCanyon, or maybe someone pleasure to create something.
I’m not sure if my budget for a freelancer job ranges, but I would be the first buyer!


Looking For July 4