looking for multi author magazine plugins

Hi :slight_smile:

Im making myself some multi author online magazine on wordpress, and im looking for something that isnt that specific in my opinion but after looking in all the directories i realised it doesnt exist.

the features of the site are:
people that are interested register to the site. im approving them based on some custom fields with questions about their intentions.

the approved users are welcomed to write posts on any subject they choose.

im looking for a plugin that will create “Author Dashboard” which will contain a simple, really empty form to publish a post, some messaging system with “admin notifications”. plus a knowledge base with articles i wrote for them to help them write properly.

also, i want a system to review their posts, something similar to google docs or just microsoft word, i can comment and mark sentenced or words, suggest fixes, and send them a notification with my reviews for them to fix.

is there a plugin for that? or i need to hire a programmer?

I think, you should hire someone.

I’m interested in the job If you’d like, we can discuss the details. Here’s some references as well in case you need to check:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/krasotaiskusstva
Studio : https://studio.envato.com/users/ki-themes
ThemeForest : http://themeforest.net/user/ki-themes/portfolio
Www : http://www.krasotaiskusstva.com



Hey There,

I think that you do not need to hire someone for you to do the work, but more you need some consulting.
I am available to consult you for the work, email me at kostaskatsimitrou@gmail.com and I will do help you.