Looking for MIDI files so I can split tracks

Hi there,
Just wondered if anyone knew where I could get MIDI tracks from for downloading. Are they available on envato?
Would be grateful for any feedback.
Thanks in advance.
Kaye Bewley

Hello ! https://audiojungle.net/category/source-files But you must have the appropriate DAW to open the project! I’m not sure that there is midi for any sequencer! If you have the appropriate DAW then you can open the project and take from there midi!

I think in your cases, it’s better to get a separate audio (ie, multi-tracks of a certain composition) than to get midi. Since if you even open a project, there will be a bunch of virtual tools and processing (plugins) that you do not have, and you will be offered to use them to use this project. And in order to quickly change something that is sufficiently multitrack (ie, separate audio tracks of the project that have been export to audio)

I hope I helped!

Sorry, I cannot understand this.

So you’re saying that MIDI is unavailable?

There is no way I can ‘split the tracks’… it’s not possible with the music I have bought.

Thank you.

Kaye Bewley

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It was meant that it is very energy-consuming and long. If for example I have a project a certain music. In order to open it and use it, I need all the plugins and tools that used Author.

And if I have a multitrack song (then I can just turn off some kind of track or make it louder / quieter, etc.)