Looking for magic feedback.

Hi, friends. I just uploaded new project. Need some feedback for page design. What can I do for improving page design?
May be make GIFs colorized or improve description?
My English not so good, did I make some spelling mistakes?
Thank you! :slightly_smiling:

Link: http://videohive.net/item/130-magic-elements/14712527

Hello @arakelov,

First off, it might be a good option to consider adding a second version of the project that has the source plugin settings for all the effects, that way it broadens the market of potential buyers and creates more value.

It is always a good idea to have a fair amount of text in the description ā€“ not only for SEO purposes, but also for buyers to learn more about your product.

With a product like this, I would try to show potential buyers what they can do with it. Maybe they could use it to reveal text for a show opener? Maybe track some of the effects into live footage? Maybe put them in a crystal ball and reveal a photo or video? Iā€™m just brainstorming, but sometimes you have to show buyers how your product can help them, rather than hope they can see the potential.

Regarding your gifs, I would recommend looking into using Amazon S3 to host your images and gifs to speed up the page load time. It also feels like even when the gifs are loaded, they are slowed down, so definitely look into that.

Good luck with sales!

Thomas, thank you for great answer!