Looking for "leaderboard" with chart or gauge meter per person


Desired result:

  • A list view with the names of more than 100 people.
  • The list view should automatically sort the names based on their progress in percentage so the names with highest score are always at the top of the list.
  • Each name has a chart or gauge meter to show their progress in percentage, for example: 0-25% (Blue), 25-50% (Bronze), 50-75% (Silver), 75-100% (Gold). So I can be John Doe and have 67%, which means my chart or gauge meter would show an indicator at 67% and I would be in Silver. (can be integration of Google Charts)
  • If possible, offer an easy way to change the progress number per person (presumably once per month). Even better if it uses info from an XLS file, for example.

Preferably this is something that already exists on the Envato market place, but it does not matter if it is HTML5, JS, PHP, WP plugin, … and it can be a combination of multiple items to achieve the desired result.

Anyone that can suggest relevant items, please? Even if it only offers part of the above. No problem if I must use (free) items or code snippets from elsewhere on the internet, such as Google Charts.
For example, I’ve come across this Envato item for the gauge meter: http://telatkaya.com/chart/gauged.html

Thanks in advance for any feedback!