Looking for Laravel 5 developer to create JWT auth driver


After lots of Googling I still haven’t found a way to use Laravels built-in authentication and authorization meschanism with JWT authentication from an external API.

I’m using Laravel for the front-end and I need to POST a user/pass to an external API which returns a HTTP200 and a JSON Web Token if the login was successful. I need a custom auth driver for Laravel 5.1 which does this for me.

It should either work with Sentinel or Laravels built-in mechanisms.

My guess is that this isn’t very hard, especially when using https://github.com/tymondesigns/jwt-auth.

Please provide me with a quote if you can do this short-term.

Hi @bdegier
As per your requirement I can definitely help you.

Please add me Skype: cis.hayden so that we can discuss.
Email me: hayden.cis20@gmail.com

Looking forward.


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