Looking For: Infinite Posts / Endless Posts Wordpress Theme

Hi, I’m looking for a Magazine/Blog Wordpress theme with Infinite Posts / Endless Posts / Infinite Post Loading like this one:


Since authors have different names for it, it’s been difficult to find.


BUMP! I have the same need too. Want to find similar theme that have infinite post scrolling/ lazy post loading. Not homepage scrolling.

I found a few more themes with this feature



That doesn’t seem to have the feature we’re looking for. To be more specific, the endless/infinite feature is on the Post page to maximize page views and lower bounce rates. Homepage infinite posts should be standard for blog/magazine themes.

@zartan @dominvo (or others)
Have you had any more luck locating a theme that fits all these requirements?

Like you, I’m looking for a magazine/blog Wordpress theme that has infinite scroll/autoloading… but for everything — on a post page, on the home page, on category pages.

In addition to the ones listed above, here’s a couple more themes I found:

However, none of the themes I’ve looked at, including all in this discussion thread, seem to include infinite scroll everywhere. They seem to only have maybe one or two of them, e.g. missing autoload on category pages, or missing on home page, or only have it on posts, etc.

The Voux is interesting in that it changes the URL as the user scrolls down to the next post. But The Voux only offers infinite scroll on Post pages.

Then also when you run themes through testing tools, GTMetrix, etc you don’t always get the best results either.

Would love to hear if zartan or others have found the perfect theme? Thanks!

And one more theme: http://themeforest.net/item/admag-responsive-blog-magazine-theme/13445941

(since I can only post two links per post)

can I chime in?

I think infinite scroll is anti pattern in UI/UX - have you ever tried to read contact details in the footer? :slight_smile:

agreed, have infinite posts but make it user controlled e.g. a button to load 10 posts… don’t do it on scroll

Hi guys I think I have what you are looking for. Infinite scroll is available for the posts homepage, archives, Woocommerce and individual elements. In addition to the infinite scroll, there are 3 more options you can choose from. Numeric pagination, Next/Prev, User controlled load more. The infinite scroll can have a limit after which it changes to user controlled load more button.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post a link to the item but search for Newsfront.

I want just like Linkedin Pulse. So that people wont leave my site too soon. Also boost pageviews.

@FranklinM2, found your new Newsfront theme, thanks. Could you advise where in your demo preview that we can check out how you’ve implemented the infinite scroll? I clicked around a bit in the demo and couldn’t find where it’s demonstrated. Thanks!

Here’s another Endless Post theme called Coolist

See it in action here: