Looking for improved wpbakery media grid

Hi all,

I am currently working on a page on my website with wordpress and I have WPbakery elements within my theme. On this page I am using WPbakery’s media grid so many times that the server gets overloaded when you open this page. I am searching for a similar media grid that works better for my application.

Please let me explain:

So on this page I have an overview of all available alloy wheels (for cars) from one single manufacturer. I am talking about almost 70 different designs. All these designs have multiple options like colors, shapes etc. So when I want to add extra pictures to every design, the use of the WPbakery media grid makes perfect sense!

This element gives me the option to make a sort of miniature gallery. One thumbnail, that reacts when you hover over this thumbnail, and shows a pop-up gallery with the other images of that particular wheel design.

This is my page, here you can see what I mean, as well as the problem that I am having:
click here

The problem

As you have seen on my page, everything loads so incredibly slow that some of the media grids don’t load at all.

To me, it feels that everything happens at the same time as soon as you open the page. It feels like it tries to not only load the media grid program, all 70 of em, but also all the images, towards 300 or so. Which results into server overload.

Is there someone that can help me with an element that does the same, looks similar, but is constructed in such way that it isn’t as heavy as the wpbakery media grid?

I don’t need 300 images to load when opening the website, I do need 70 thumbnails to load when opening the website.

I hope someone can give me a hand :slight_smile: