Looking for HTML developer partners for approved PSDs

Hey guys

As the title says, I’m looking for HTML/CSS developers to collaborate with for some of my approved PSD templates.
Please find them here http://themeforest.net/user/vikramverma/portfolio

Please make sure you have recent approved work on TF.
If you’re interested to discuss details, please send me a message through TF profile( http://themeforest.net/user/vikramverma ) or forums.


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I’m new on TF, just started coding for some projects here. So don’t have past work on TF.
But i have a good skills concerning HTML/CSS/JS with a large experience.

What theme would you like to do partnership ?

Hi, I must say you have some wonderful designs in your folio - I’ve sent you a private message via your profile. Let’s start coding those babies!

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Write the terms here and will see if thats good to move on

Hey guys. Thank you all those who contacted me, for such good response.
I’ll be replying to all of you now.

@NRGthemes most probably my latest PSDs.

@liviu_cerchez Thank you so much. :blush: Will be replying to the message right away.

@Jthemes I have the agreement printed for people to sign, can’t write here. JK, I’d prefer an email conversation. :smiling_imp:

HTML developers have complete knowledge of developing PSD files to HTML.

Hi @liviu_cerchez we also have an item for HTML/WP Developer, if you are interested in it, please send us a direct message.

Thanks for the offer, but I’m working with @VikramVerma now and I’m not looking for a new collaboration this month. I suggest you start your own thread with your personal collaboration request. Good luck!

Guys start your own threads, please don’t hijack this. :neutral_face:

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Your thread is helping others, You should be proud on your thread

If only it would help anyone.

Other guys posts their requests, I receive a notification every time.
In future I reopen this for same purpose, but people see others’ requests first.
Different people, different requirements, tons confusions.
Someone posts against the rules, things go offtopic, my thread gets closed.

I’ve had some experience moderating some forums & know how pain hijacked threads can be for the OP & support guys.
See this is going offtopic real quick.

Hi Vikram,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. I am working in ThemeForest now as a Front-End developer. I have 4-5 approved psd to html template but those was my fixed job. Those was not my product but I coded those psd to html. I made Hotel-Booking, E-Commerce, one page portfolio psd to html templates. I want to work now as an Author. Still now i have no hard reject psd to html template which i have coded. So I can confidently say that I am expert developer in ThemeForest. I am looking for a nice & expert psd designer and then I can convert those psd to html and then wordpress and share 50%-50% partner of those html template or I also can do fixed job I mean I can do psd to html as a fixed job. Which one you like may i know?
Waiting for your reply.
Aftab Zaman

I have lots of approved psd to html templates in ThemeForest. If you want to see, I can show you.