looking for hoilday homes theme

Hi looking for a holiday home theme we run 3 hoilday homes i been looking but can’t seem to find a theme for our type of set up

what would be the best theme i been checking some out but can’t understand which would work for 3 holiday homes we rent all rooms out as a whole house rental. no by room we do have the first 2 guests but each after that is $20 extra per guest

what would be the best way to go about it

Hi @pauldiaz18!

Find yourself a theme you like, such as the ones below…

…then cutomize your site so that your home page shows your three vacation homes/option. Cilcking on one of the homes will show more details about that home. Then, your booking system will allow the user/customer to book whichever house/room they want.

Hope that helps answer your question and sorry if I misunderstood in any way.

Here are a couple of templates/themes that may suit your needs:



Let us know what you decide! :thumbsup:

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