Looking for Hispanic, Latino, people footage

I´ve searched “mexican - hispanic- latino construction worker” “hispanic children playing” Latino kid studying" Almost nothing shows. Any tips what am I doing wrong? Thank you

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Hi dementecato,

Maybe you will go better searching people by the skin color, not by ethnicity, language…


Thank you. I was actually not expecting a reply. Yours is appreciated.

I did as you´ve suggested before I wrote to you guys.

When I wrote to you I was not sure if “dark skin construction worker” was “correct”, so I also tried by ethnicity. But it matters not if you enter “brown, black, Spanish, Mexican, Latino, dark skinned etc” the results are practically zero.

Using your suggestion, I was able to find a couple of clips from the same video https://elements.envato.com/construction-workers-1-G7PDKMQ But that was it.

Same thing when looking for “children playing” (there are a few Asian kids, and a couple of African American but that is about it).

Pls. do try yourself. Maybe you know how to find what I am looking for.

You see, I am based in Mexico, My target audience is Spanish speaking people in Latin-america.
I am making videos about “natural building” .
That is the reason I am looking for such footage

Dark skin construction workers
working hands-
-children-kids playing-
children playing with dirt-
children - kids - building with dirt - (i found a couple of children building sand castles (white children).

I understand that Envato is not a “specific topic kind of place”., so I am not really complaining ( a bit disappointed maybe )but since you´ve asked for “feed back” to improve…

What I am saying is that, as you are aware, sustainable practices are in vogue. But if you look for

Sustainable building
Natural building
Natural building house
tiny homes
rammed earth construction
superadobe construction
earthbag building
cob building
natural plaster
straw bale house
light straw clay house
earthship home
Lime plaster
lime render
clay plaster

There is practically nothing in Envato Elements.

I think you are missing out on a very BIG niche.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Now, I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards

Cato Arce

Hi dementecato,

The tags/keywords for items are appended by the item owners/developers/authors, not by Envato. So, if you don’t find items for your keywords, it means that no such keywords were used by item authors when describing and publishing their items.

I see. So this is really a robot responding.

all right
No worries