Looking for help with hard rejection

Today I received a rejected track mail and I had no clue of what’s not working for this track. The music was intended to fit ExperimentalAbstract Category but seems something not ok with it.
It would be great from you to get some help to realise what’s not working. Thanks in advance

Much all abuzz , a little pruning the bass up to 100 Hz approximately , because just tough !

I don’t know if I understood correctly. Do you think that the only mistake for the track is too much bass?. now that you said so I’m listening with headphones and maybe I notice too much sub bass rumble. It is a very easy to resolve issue and it’s a pity because few years ago reviewers used to soft reject items and give and easy second chance to authors. Btw many of my best sellers were soft rejected and after improved were accepted and sold well.
It’s sad for me because I was working weeks behind this track to get hard reject without explanation.
Thank you Wildlion :slight_smile:

The only thing I notice there is too much low bass, the rest sound ok to me. When it comes to arrangement maybe you can add some bridge with different melody or something.


Thank you very much WildLion and RainyAudio you have exactly coincided in the same problem. Also re-reading the response given me by the reviewers seems to mean that there is a mixing / mastering problem

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately
It doesn’t say it is the arrangment. So it would be cool to improve the mix and give it a second chance. I’m also thinking about my monitors setup I work with Dyanudio BM5a for ten years and I noticed a lack of low frequencies sometimes troublemaker fact for my productions.

Controlling the deep frequencies in the mix with good headphones is a good alternative way with 5" monitors and no subwoofer. The composition is cool :+1:

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Thank you very much FOXYAudio! :slight_smile: That was a very cool tip I’ll check it out for next mix.