Looking for help: got two reject and i don't know what to do to solve the problem (i'm new here)

Hello dear authors.
I’m looking for your help and advice.
I’m trying to start selling on videohive . My project is rejected.
may i ask u help me plz :sob::sob:

Help? Advice?
Do not steal items of other authors!

Here is no room for thieves.

Thank you
You’re hurting my feelings
I made this prj by following a tutorial in youtube. also with many changes.
Am i a thieve?

Of course, you are. You even use well known banner of House Stark from Game of Thrones.
Also it would be nice to give a link to that tutorial.

Anyway, now you know the reason of your rejection. It also may be a reason for a ban in future.

you are right .
i’m not familiar with the rules.
thanks for your advice

Come on :sweat_smile: you stole the template without bothering yourself to do a little bit tweaking :joy:

Please stop doing this, you’re not the only one I saw someone here in the forum asking for help also has the same situation.

This is a common rule of morality. How could you not know that stealing is bad? Parents teach this from childhood. Teachers talked about this at school. In any religion, this is said. Don’t say you didn’t know about it.
Make your own project and everything will be ok. Play fair