looking for help choosing software

Trying to create a CD with lessons in sign language for the students to be able to watch them at home on computer
I have 350 short films around 3 seconds long, each movie shows one symbol, divided into 17 lessons

I would like to interface looked

Player have the side menu, a list of words from the lessons
player have loop option of single video

I tried already with flash player option was quite promising but was problem with auto replay, movie when was playing again, move starts from middle or after three seconds when the some of videos was 2 sec long and didn’t start at all

and try portable player but this technology is more for pendrive

and even I thought about powerpoint Multimedia presetation but the idea collapsed quickly

maybe you have any ideas something like e-learning with video tutorials ??

Please Help ???

use edius latest version which is extremely good for use in video editing or joining.

hi Johnabay
thank you for replay
Editing part is done now what I looking for is some kind of player with categories and playlist which would work from CD
a have loop option of single video

i m getting your point try edius its really awesome software you can get from whatever you want.