Looking for help choosing a design for a Trust website

This is the first time I am to create a website.
I started volunteering at a Trust and I am the only person with some knowledge in this area, so I am now to make the website for the trust
I have already purchased server and domain, so now looking into buying an appropriate design and make it ready.
I have been looking so many possible options but I have no idea how to choose.
Can you help me choose? and also as far as I understand choosing the author is also very important as some authors give you more help thorough the process as others?
Any help will be great…just somewhere to start from
Thank you

Hi Doriana !

You may share your website design and development ideas with me. Contact via email. I can deliver excellent results at your project. I’m providing full time help and custom programming for these kind of projects for users and other authors. Please drop me an email with all the detailed documentation to get started.

Looking forward to your quality response / positive feedback.