Looking for help and advice for tasks web application

I would like to create a web application based on WP and BuddyBoss system. It’s going to be a membership application for coaching the user by tasks and notifications. One of the main functionalities of the app will be to create automated tasks after answering some questionnaires. By answering some questions a set of pre-defined tasks should be created for the user (new campaign or project with tasks). The user should fulfil the tasks before the end date. Is anyone familiar with an out of the box plugin which contains this functionality? The to do tasks should be visible for the user in the front end.

In case there is no “standard plugin” providing the functionality I was thinking about installing a project management tool to create projects and tasks and use an automator tool (trigger – action) to automatically create projects and tasks for the user.

Is anyone able to give me some advice on my case?