Looking for graphics and design person

Small startup looking for design for new type of paint system. I do not have a great look and feel for my product and would need design on:

  1. brochure - layout with design for sell sheets and brochure
  2. creative look for paint cans (1 gallon size cans and 5 gallon sized pails) - we need to do mock-ups for prospects with their logo and co-branding on the labels.
  3. Product packaging for paint cans and pails for 6 products - to all have same graphics theme. We will need images for product pitches in print, output to make actual labels.

I’m okay with modifying existing work if you have some pint can designs done.

next step later will be to work the look into the web site, logo and other graphics to step up the look to be very corporate and professional. Future flash videos for product promotion.


I’m available sales@sitemart.net

Hello @ssukman

I can help you please contact me robert.cisin10@gmail.com