Looking for graphic designers to design my brand logo


I’m just starting a local business here in my country/region but the issue have been having is getting a good logo design for my business (just because how the name sound).

My business name is “WEWE”. It sounds crazy, right ? and also the business am trying to run into is a CLOTHING BRAND BUSINESS which am probably gonna start with T-Shirt’s Business. but lots of Graphics designers have been confused about the name of my business and the type of business am trying to run into.

I’m running this business with my friends and as the team president, have been trying to figure out what logo best suit’s us.

Few information about my business brand maybe it could inspired for designs.

This business name was generated from a name me and my friends called our CREW while we are young as a friend “Team Wewe

we came across the name “We we” because we felt it is just “WE (i.e nobody is among us)” and we made the CREW name “We, We” which is then “WE WE (meaning, it is only us and nobody else within us)” and as a team it Turns “Team Wewe

And now we’re about to start our Teen-Business (Cox we’re still teenagers)

we wants to invents into t-shirts business as a start’s for clothing brand business and now getting logo that could talk little bit about our business history (like how the name is found) and also could illustrate about our clothing brand.

we actually don’t wants a text logo but either iconic, symbolic or image logo just like (Johnny Cupcake is a good example of logo that can be re-designs for other graphics) we also hoped to have a logo that could looks cool on stationaries, t-shirts, caps, mugs and many other stuff. we believe our logo should be able to be re-designs for other graphics for presentations or more.

and like i say, this is just a small business, i hope i could get someone who’s willing to design logo for us at an affordable rate.

Kindly write to me or drop comments

Arowolo Daniel O.

Can you tell us/me about your budget?

Quite confusing description. If you may…i’ll just give you my opinion about the brand name. It looks like a brand for kids it’s too sweet.
As i understood you don’t want to include the lettering is it? So have you though about an icon to include? Have any idea?


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yeah an icon could looks interesting. I’m gonna attempt to inbox you and see if we could worked this out.

My country currency is Naira (#) and our budget is #5,000 just for the logo and we design more stuff with it after we specifically own a logo.

What you offer is around 15$ and it’s a bit insulting to the authors who’s selling the logo template starting from 30$. Especially if you are looking for a high class work

Yeah, if there’s hardly any flexibility in your budget then you’d be better going with a logo template and then think about getting a custom design when you have some money coming. A logo template is twice your current budget at about $30, a decent custom logo would probably be a minimum of five times that, ten more likely. Maybe more.

My issue with the name is that it sounds like ‘wee wee’ which is a childish way of describing urine in a few western countries. Fine if you’re not looking to expand, but I’m not seeing many A-Listers on the red carpet at the Oscars wanting to answer the “what are you wearing?” question if they’ve got one of your products on.

I could be wrong.

well for the name it is “We (/wē/ pronoun: used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.)” and not “Wee (Urine)”. and also THANKS it might sound childish for now but could you tell me how this sounds when it all started “Nike”, “Puma”, “Vasace”, Johnny Cupcake" e.t.c. but now it all sounds good since they got successful.

“We We” is just a name we called ourself to differentiate us as a family (friends). we have our own opinion of it and basic arm and achievement.

we already own a local football crew with the brand name “Team Wewe FC” but we are just considering going into t-shirt business since we are little bit famous in our community and people of our mate are really looking up to us.

We just don’t wants any graphics designers to design logo for us but someone who really understand us, feel and passionate what we feel either.

we know we are meaningless now but hoping someday we would make more sense to the world.

i would share more of the designs we have got but we felt it’s not working for us. we already design some more logo’s but they are not transperanting what our brand means or our goal and achievement.

anyway, am not trying to hurt. thanks for your interest in my post.

we hope to get what we want someday, no matter how long.