Looking for Gallery/Masonry/Grid Plugin with sliders in the grid

Can anyone help. I searched for a particular Wordpress Plugin that has a sub-slider within a masonry grid but could not locate one. The internet and Envato are big. It is very specific and it’s just plain difficult to find it. So, I thought I’ll try this forum.

The best way to get my message across is via a website that does this very clearly:

Please scroll to about half way down that web-page. You should see it as each image in sequence slides within the Masonry grid.

The masonry grid has images that has a sub-slider. Can anyone tell me if there is a Wordpress plugin that does this or close enough.

Please let me know if you’ve come across such a plugin.

Thanks for your time.

Hi nesparx

Sorry don’t know any plugins like that, but you are right it is based on ‘masonry’ with carousels inside each element combines with a ‘timer effect’ and would actually be easy to create in ‘pure html’ - sorry not a WP plugin creator.

I like the overall effect which could even be ‘enhanced’ with filtering

Thanks Kwitbitzonline for your comment.
Been searching and praying if I can find one. Found a good html5 version but not exactly as I would want. I am bad in javascript. I am basically a php/css-html without the JS person.

How easy would it be to create one in pure html? If I can see it on an html page then it would be much easier to add it into wordpress via other means.


Hi nesparx

TBH not that difficult perhaps 2 - 3 hours work

I can create this plugin for you. I will be adding it to codecanyon, so send me a message with all the functionalities that you want if possible few images to illustrate the functionality.

I will also create a vc plugin and maybe even unyson.

I’m sure there are more of these out there are i features in several of the bigger themes (esp. as posts) but do you mean like http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/grid-carousel-gallery-wordpress-plugin/full_screen_preview/6315992

Thanks Charlie4282, but that is not exactly what I was looking for. This site here has one on this page and is exactly what I need http://drivingexperience.porsche.com.

Hi Sodasi_web, please see this site http://drivingexperience.porsche.com. Scroll down half way down the page.

If you can create one I will purchase from CodeCanyon.

Exactly as shown on site.

Hi Sodasi_web, Kwikbitzonline & charlie4282

Create it, put it on Codecanyon and, I will purchase all 3 of you individual plugins/tools/scripts

It would be great if I can get it before the weekend.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your creations.

I plan to work on this in the weekend.

Ok, looking forward to your release.

A week has gone and yet I find none, Light Words…

Hi nesparx

Sorry ‘not light words’ have been very tied up on something, plus TBH, I see that you are more into a WP plugin - not my scene whereas I got impression it was for the others. If intersted in a non WP then OK, I’m free tomorrow

Hi Kwikbitzonline,
I’m ok with jquery. I can wrap the whole code into a snippet and include it anywhere.
I’ve been playing with this guys code(http://www.drewgreenwell.com/projects/metrojs) but my JS is bad and I really need something that will do what I mentioned above at porche site.
Let me know.

Hi nesparx

OK, got bored with what was doing so started on this - it’s actually pretty simple, got the layout done now just dealing with animations.

Any problem with CSS flex?

The layout is fine it’s just the animation bit I am having problem getting JS to do. CSS flex is fine.