Looking for Freelancer - Customize PhotoMosaic Gallery

Hi - I am using the PhotoMosaic gallery on my site. The code has been customized to work as we wanted. The author is no longer offering support so I’m wondering if there is anyone who we can pay to help make a customization. Right now, for each image we add, we have a custom thumbnail and a full size “main” image. The thumbnail loads in the grid mode and the full size image loads when you click on the thumb. We currently have some autoplaying gifs in grid mode. We are trying to have the thumbnail (static image) load with the preloader when the page loads UNTIL the animated gif loads and autoplays (full size image). Right now, since the Gifs are fairly large, the preloader will just spin until it loads. We want the static image to be there too while it preloads. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Thanks!

Hire a freelancer from here Enavato Studio



I can help you with your customization.Please get in touch via mail. So we can discuses it in detail . Looking forward to your positive replay.
Feel free to contact:

Hi, i am interested, possible to send me your website URL?

I am interested.

I have a solution for Photomosaic that makes it work fine with Wordpress v5.x.

FREE fix just drop me a line.


Hi Jonathan - thanks for getting in touch!
I’d love to get the fix for Photo Mosaic so I don’t have to redo my whole site?
Thanks so much!!! Really appreciate it.


Fix for Wordpress v5 and jusing Photomosaic .

Please note I have nothing to do with the author of Photomosaic.

All you need to do is reply to me with some sort of ‘proof of purchase’ of your photomosaic product (envato receipt or paypal or anything…). Just so that I can verify you as a paid for member.

The fix I have created will only work with Version 5.x of Wordpress,. the existing version of course, still works with Version 4.x.


Thanks Jonathan - I emailed my proof of purchase to your gmail :slight_smile: