My Flatize page is not looking as it should. HELP I need to find the Author or someone that know how to make it look good!

There are multiple items with that name on the marketplace

You need to contact the author via the item comments or his profile contact form, you won’t get help here in the general forum.

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Can you send me the link to the comments on items. I could not find this and im stuck with this theme.

Or can you send me his profile contact link. I would love to contact him directly.

As @LSVRthemes said - there are 5 items between 4 authors under that name.

You would need to say what item it relates to

I am looking for the author for flatize. I am having a hard time with the
And cant find the “comment” area for items either.
Please help.
And if the author of flatize has a profile I would love to contact him
Can you help me with any of this?

Flatize - Shopping & eCommerce Drupal Theme

WeebPal https://themeforest.net/user/WeebPal

I am looking for help in finding the author of this product. I am having a
hard time with it. Please help with me by sharing the authors profile or at
least send me the item comment link so I can try to locate him.

Hi @Anaquetzalli,

Actually you have posted a link to both item and author profile :slight_smile: Although there seems to be no support provided for the theme you have, I’d still try to send a message to author to check if anything can be done:



I just sent them a message
I posted but then I got a message back saying I will have no luck there.
That I need to do the comment on the item? Which I do not quite understand
where is the comment area on "the item"
I apreciate your help

You can find comment area here:


You rock! I am happy that was a mystery to me

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BTW you don’t have a buyer badge, so I am pretty sure the author won’t help you until you provide a proof of purchase.

How do i get my badge?

You need to log in with the account you purchased the item from. Authors are not likely to provide support except for that account. If someone comments on an item and has purchased it, there is a black “Purchased” label next to their name – it’s not there for you, so you’re not on the correct account.

Can I open it from my website? Or the email we gave? Because this is the email we use. Not sure how to do it.

Have you purchased the theme with this account here on ThemeForest?

I got it through paypal with weebpal
Transaction ID: [removed – sensitive info]
Payment sent to WeebPal Co., Ltd
7 December 2017 at 15:22:55 GMT-8

It is a payment of $58 dollars

So you bought it from WeebPal, you didn’t buy it from Themeforest?


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