Looking for Feedback

I’m hoping to receive feedback from some of you to help improve my website builder. I’m also open to suggestions on new features. Lastly if there are any designers interested in becoming a partner to sell their bootstrap templates with the website builder.


Feedback Anyone??

I think its nice but still need more work to do and i think if you have add Drop and Drag Option it will be also very helpful

Good Luck

Thank you Janxcode

I work on Wordpress development as a day job… but I’m still a newbie … so keep that in mind. I love the way the interface works on this web builder. The way you can pick out heavily stylized divs on the left and just click them in is sick! With a large variety of different divs you could assemble something really custom, really quick. You could possibly drag and drop elements to show a client a mock up on the fly. Everything looks real fresh and none of it looks dated.

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Wow! Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m working on the drag & drop now.

it looks super cool and creative :wink:

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Thank you n2n44

u are welcome, that’s how i feel :wink: