Looking for feedback to produce better sounding music

I’m looking for advice on how to become better at making higher quality music.

I know there’s a lot of stuff that goes into producing a good track and selling it but I kept everything spontaneous and pretty much stumbled my way into a few sales here and there.

I gave up a long time ago (3-4 years) because I felt frustrated. I got some decent feedback on my music at times but never from people who were much involved in the industry. I started to get rejected from AudioJungle since they tightened up their submission process and just gave up, basically.

These days, I have some more time on my hands and would like to give it another go and learn how to do it better.

I have an old Soundcloud account that I haven’t used in a while but some of the songs there got sold for commercials and others I used for video games. If anyone who’s had experience with selling royalty-free music, or selling music, in general, could listen and give some direction as to what area should I focus on (like mastering, editing, composing, use better software, etc.) I’d appreciate it immensely.

My old music is on my profile as well, but stuff on there is a lot older and I like to think I’ve made progress since then :slight_smile:

Any type of suggestion would mean a lot.