Looking for Feedback on Reject themeforest Web Template



Please i need a help or advice to edit and resubmit a Hotel Template (Hard rejected)

Demo: http://www.themes-plus.com/hotel-plus/index.html

Actully before we develop the “Hotel Plus” we search the marketplace hotel templates and we add many functions which are not included in other templates. like “RTL version”, “Well written content”, “2 Colors Schema” and more.
Please feel free to contact me.


great design mr themeplus


Looks amateurish. It clearly shows that a developer is trying to design. need more practice. No specific areas to comment on, it needs overall change with regards to typography and execution.


I agree with drsankarl , carefull with box shadows typo and spacings


Can you try with other color schema. See your website like in 2000-2005. Have more text, you need increase more space with sections.


You can’t use TripAdvisor logo in your template.