Looking for feedback before submission of template on Themeforest

Hello folks,

We have created one template named “Knowledge Base Template”, We are looking to submit this over ThemeForest but we want all your reviews over it to avoid the rejection and make a proper move to publish it.

Here is the link to the demo: http://demo.makewebbetter.com/knowledge-base-template/template/

Please look at the demo and your reviews are most welcome.



This item is not ready yet for ThemeForest, you should make unique layouts and unique design.
To be honest, it is a very basic template, so if you submit it now it can be hard rejected,

You should add more content, try to make unique layouts, work on colors, contrast, and Typography.

I believe that you should work more on this item before the submission.

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looking good but I think you have used too many animations. category page need improvement. It is just my opinion you know better about your Item.


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Not ready yet! Keep working on it, good luck! (Cut back on the animations, it’s a classic design beginner mistake.)

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