Looking for export fix for Bayanno Hospital Management System

Hi everyone,

It’s my first post here so please don’t be too harsh.

I have purchased BAYANNO HOSPITAL MANAGEMEN SYSTEM and it was working fine for my customer but there was an issue with exporting reports.

Export feature is based on flash and you can export to CSV, PDF, Excel - it simply does not work. I have tested it on numerous laptops with different browsers and up-to-date flash but when you click on the export icon nothing happens (all you can see is that button is working but does nothing).

It took over 2 months and about 6 support tickets trying to resolve it but they juts keep closing the tickets. They have admitted that they are trying to fix it but nothing is happening, all they they keep saying is to update flash player, which obviously does not work.

Is anyone using this system and encountered similar issue or is there workaround for it, currently customer has 100+ reports with attachments and no way of exporting them as back up.

Any 3rd party plugins that can be integrated to replace current export functionality?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Pawel @ Pixel Hustler

Did you try to change browsers different versions of browsers. Basically flash is dead for browsers no one is using that on modern sites.
Did you try to disable anti virus programs on your laptop?

Hi Zaccc,

I have already tried it on several laptops with different up-to-date browsers and flash players, anti-virus was disabled as well.

“Flash is dead” tell me about it, I have asked developer why would they even used flash for export functionality, but all I got was that they are working on it.

By looking at the Bayanno system, is it possible to implement other plugin to replace flash functionality?

I don’t know is it possible I didn’t look and check that.

As it’s php and mysql, you have 2 options here, either doing an sql dump via phpmyadmin (or mysql) or building a custom export tool using php & sql queries, depending on how much data you want to get and how it’s saved, it should be pretty simple for someone to create an custom export tool for you.