Looking For Experienced Explainer Video Authors

I am looking for multiple authors who can create explainer videos like this one. A video script and voice over will be provided.

Please see http://shorturl.at/CSU38

  1. How long will it take you create a 10 minute video like the above sample?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. Where can I see some of your explainer videos?
  4. When can you start?

Your link leads nowhere

Please see http://shorturl.at/CSU38

Hello, feel free to contact me through my profile if the project still available.
So I can answer all question and send my explainer videos.

Thank you,

Hello, If your request is still valid, you can review my project on Videohive. I want to work with you. Thank you

@AdamFamily @nexus-digital-market - yes I am looking for multiple authors since I need help creating many videos. Please PM me.

Hello, i might want to work in your job too. If it’s not secret, can you roughly give a budget? and which country are you in? Thank you.

@UFT - I just sent you a PM.

Hello, I can’t contact you since your not an author here. But you can contact me through my profile page. Here is one of my explainer work for Consult Pro series https://youtu.be/hS75_x1wgZs

Thank you, Adam

Hi Adam,

I just sent you a message at https://videohive.net/user/adamfamily