Looking for enhanced linking plugin (Wordpress)

I am looking for a Wordpress-plugin that enhances the linking of external pages in the post editor with search engine help.

The plugin I used for that in the past (Zemanta Enhanced Linking) from the WP Plugin Repository stopped working after the last Bing API update so I am desperately looking for an alternative.

It should work als follows:

  • I mark a keyword in my post text (visual editor)
  • I click on the post editors “insert/change link”-button
  • The link edtor windows opens, enhanced with a list of Google (or Bing) results about that topic
  • I can choose one of the list items and it is added as a link URL
  • I can choose to open the clicked link in the same or a new window
  • When I click “insert link” it is inserted as a link into the marked text

Nice to have would be something similar to search for own posts in my blog and also link to them that way, but this has no priority.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,