Looking for elegant WordPress theme similar to those in my links provided.

Dear community,

I am a photographer and want to redesign my current website, and I would like to do this with WordPress.
Throughout my research for a design I might be interested in, I have come across this website by Sassi Holford: http://sassiholford.com/

What I really like about it is it’s elegant look, and most of all the menu with its slanted side.

I am now looking for a WordPress theme, which would come very close to this website, and I’ve found this: http://www.maskandesign.com/bestday_wp/brown/

The problem I see here is that the page only seems to be layouted for its use for personal wedding stuff.

Does anyone happen to know any WordPress theme, which comes close to this layout/design?

Thank you very much in advance :slightly_smiling:

Or does anyone maybe know a WordPress theme with this special kind of menu? Would you call it a “slanted menu” maybe?