Looking for either update or replacement for Maya Shop by Sara P


Not sure if you are still supporting this great theme, but if not could you recommend another one that won’t require that I start my site from scratch? I’m happy with the theme, and have it configured the way I want it, but to start from scratch is going to be very painful, expensive, and time-consuming. Given the trouble I’ve had with the WP updates messing things up, and being a big target for hackers, if I’m going to do it from scratch I’d probably just not use WP. I’m hoping you built a new one using the same framework, or still support Maya Shop.

Thank you for your time,


What are you talking about???

Your theme is still active and supported. Here it is - https://themeforest.net/item/mayashop-a-flexible-responsive-ecommerce-theme/2189918

If you want to contact the theme author - here is a way how you can do that: