Looking for down pitched, damped/muffled snare samples

Hey guys,

I’m looking for down pitched snare samples, would be cool if they also would be damped / muffled. Like in Michael Buble havent met you yet track or similar.

Mutemath uses a lot of that.

Any thought?

How about recording and making your own ? :smiley:

I’d check out the Drum Kit Designer on Logic X. It’s bound to have one close to that.

Probably I will

If you’re looking for that lower end punch, my suggestion is to just use some EQ to bring that ~180hz punch. Do this before a compressor on the snare/drum bus. I can’t suggest any certain drum samples, use what you have (guessing you at least have some acoustic drums?). Pitching them down should be fairly easy.

Try this site: http://rw5samples.com/

There’s also a free snare: http://rw5samples.com/snare-04/

Hi StellarRecords, some suggestion:
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