Looking for, display product variations below product on shop page

Im looking for a plugin that displays the available sizes of products on the category/shop page.

See example if you hover on a product:


So I dont mean, display all individual variations on shop pages. But I mean display available or not available variations(sizes) below the products on the shop page.

Anyone know of any plugin that does this?


It’;s not that difficult BUT firstly if you want/need a plugin you will need to say which package it’s for.:slight_smile: may sound silly but the plugin will need access to the stock management so it can highlight available or not available variations(sizes). :slight_smile:

Different e-com packages will have different was to access the data hence the need to say which package it’s for

Thanks for your reply,

Im looking for a plugin for Woocommerce, some how I just cant believe there is no plugin, that shows stock on the shop page.

This is a custom job, if you’re interested in, feel free to drop me an email:

You can try our theme at https://themeforest.net/item/gecko-powerful-ajax-woocommerce-theme/15863658

We integrated this feature in our theme don’t have plugin for this.

Demo with attribute display when hover product image at http://janstudio.net/gecko/fashion/shop/ hope you like this.