Looking for: Directory w Geo function AND a password protected area for DOCUMENTS

Looking for: Directory w Geo function AND a password protected area for DOCUMENTS

The open area would have a directory of locations listed, and which could be seen by users WITHOUT registering, but which can be added to or modified by users if registered.

ALSO, would have an area for documents which would be accessible ONLY if user is registered. The documents area should offer a full download option of the document (PDF, WORD, etc…) and TAGs and free form area for short description of the document or area to point to relevant sections (i.e.: paragraph 40: “The quick brown fox…”)


You won’t find that out of the box.

Your best bet would be to look for a suitable directory theme then hire a freelancer to apply the relevant download functionality

Argh…really…that’s frustrating.

I had used GEODIRECTORY and PLACES before, and it worked…but every time that WORDPRESS updated their backend, the GEODIRECTORY and PLACES themes needed to be updated as well…and that required a yearly fee…which I didn’t want to go in for.

There wouldn’t be any yearly fees on envato - updates etc. are inlcuded for life (as long as the item remains for sale on the marketplace)

That’s great…now yearly fees.

But, really?..nothing like GEODIRECTORY and a DOCUMENT add on? I can’t really get into getting someone to customize something…

There may be a theme like that here and a plugin on CodeCanyon but definitely not pre-packed.

The issue is that you need to create some form of integration and natural fit between the two elements and that can require more work than just setup and installing different parts.

I was thinking of LISTIFY…but not sure if I could add something for the documents.

What is LISTIFY like? It’s so difficult to tell from the reviews…some like it a LOT and those that dislike it (or any of the themes) seem to really slam it.

I’m sure you’re busy with your site, so I won’t ask more of you…thanks for your help.

Ha ha not my site - MODs does not actually work for envato.

I’ve never used listify but it look like a pretty amazing theme. I have read here that it can be tricky to customise (not necessarily a negative thing but something to be aware of if you plan to add major functionality).

It’s worth noting that reading your concept it’s hard to advise without more detail but it sounds like you a need to map out membership carefully and associated access/functionality etc.

If effectively you just need a standard directory where people can browse and/or register and where those registered can access a general area to download docs then that’s not too complex.

If those restricted docs are associated with individual locations in the directory and the download would need to come from their individual profiles then that is quite different and potentially a lot more work.

Oh, thanks.

…and no…the documents would be separate from the locations…