Looking for developer - Social media search script

Hello, I’m looking for a developer who can create a script to search content on these social media: twitter, instagram and imgur.
The script has to search content basing on one or more hashtag, and show only the content with more than X likes or retweets. It has to show all the content posted from all time.
That’s all. Anyone? Should be quite easy and quick, especially for instagram.

Sorry but you won’t be able to back date data like that on that scale without astronomical investment.

Mmmh I was thinking about instagram with their API, is it really that hard?
You can show all the latest content published quite easy, the only thing that has to be added is the way to filter content based on the number of likes (this should be easy too). It’s not for a public service, but for a private thing. I can have also 20 photos/page on the browser and change the page manually. Isn’t it simply an “for” function, with the condition on likes?

The concept is not impossible (although not straight forward either) - there’s tools like this https://www.hashtracking.com/ which does exactly that

The big question is the ‘From all time’ bit - if you are going forward then it’s fine but if you need to backdate social data (properly and comprehensively at least) from before the time the tool or script starts tracking the # then you have to request it from a firehose source and would cost thousands of $ for even a years worth.

Also (you can still do it on Instagram for now) but Facebook prevents you searching or tracking # except in profiles connected to you so if they decide to extend this policy implement the same rules on Instagram then it will become impossible.

Yes facebook is impossible, I know. I tought it would have been easy for instagram insteam: it should do what http://websta.me/search does, only with the additional condition to filter the results basing on the number of likes.